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Partnering with several US based international tour companies allows us to offer a huge selection of properties and excursions from across the globe at competitive rates. This allows us to put together completely customized touring packages to fit your needs and budget. Whether your dream vacation is in the Hawaiian Islands, Europe, Africa, the South Pacific or beyond, be sure to contact us first!

We also partner with tour operators based in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia, to bring you a hand-picked selection of only the best of Africa.

Our most exciting custom vacation from 2018 was dubbed “Around the World in 60 days”. A huge thank you goes out to our clients for the opportunity to plan this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. This journey started with their grand vision, a phone call, and an impressive list of destinations. From that we were able to work together to create a completely personalized journey, that I know they will always remember. Thanks again for putting your trust in us!

This trip began in Texas with the following itinerary:
Tahiti – 3 days
New Zealand – ~ 3 weeks
Australia – 1 week
Thailand – 5 days
Qatar – 2 days
Botswana – 4 days
Namibia – ~ 2 weeks
Zimbabwe – 1 day

From our clients:
“We spent a lot of time flying and tried to schedule the flights during the night. Frequently we would get into a country in time to be able to tour the same day. Some of the highlights:

Tahiti – Toured the island, visited the market, and watched a dinner show where the Tahitian Haka was presented.

New Zealand – on the North Island, visited Hobbiton movie set, Volcanic regions, and a Maori village. Then took the ferry from Wellington to Picton. Traveled along the South Island West coast to Greymouth and the Alpine Train to Christchurch. Drove to Oamaru to see the blue penguins and on to Queenstown. We took the bus/cruise/flight out to Milford Sound but the weather caused the cancellation of the flight portion.

Australia – Attended the Sydney Opera and the presentation of “Don Quixote” which is a Spanish story that was sung in French with English sub-titles. Then on to Alice Springs, Ayer’s Rock, and then the underground hotels, churches, and Opal mines in Coober Peedy.

Thailand – A quick tour of the Grand Palace in Bangkok and a dinner show before taking the train to Chiang Mai. Visited the temples, night markets, and marveled at their artistry.

Qatar – a quick tour of the dunes and a Beduoin camp and wandered around the city.

Botswana – Visited with a missionary and talked with them about all kinds of things. Took a mocorro ride and flew over the Okavango Delta to see the wildlife.

Namibia – Drove along the edge of the Kalahari desert looking at the wildlife. Toured the city of Windhoek, visited the curio shops, and ate dinner at Joe’s Beer house.

Zimbabwe – visited Victoria Falls! The river was high so the mist was heavy and we got soaked and it didn’t matter if you had a rain coat.

The flight home was looonnngg! From takeoff to landing was ~32 hours so by the time we added security checks, etc. it was a 2 day trip home from Victoria Falls to Texas.

It was a very enjoyable trip. Jennifer Ginn at Travel Express arranged the whole trip – all 60 days of it. There was an opportunity during the trip to change our itinerary and a quick message to Travel Express got me everything I needed to know before I needed to make the decision whether to change our plans. The trip ran very smoothly, people were waiting for us when we got off the airplane, the hotels were ready, the tours were top notch. Just a very enjoyable trip.”