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Dec 01, 2012
TRAVEL TIP #6 - Gun Case Used as Safe

When on a hunting trip whether it be close to home or in a foreign country, use your lockable gun or bow case as a safe for keeping valuables.


Nov 01, 2012
TRAVEL TIP #5 - TSA Firearm Clearance

Hunters travelling with firearms should always make sure that their weapons have been cleared through TSA at the airport each time they check them through on a flight - verify everything is OK before proceeding through to the security checkpoint and your departure gate.  This is especially important when coming back into the U.S.  After you have cleared customs and when rechecking your baggage for your connecting flight, be sure to notify the screening agent that you have firearms and make sure they have passed through the screening process before leaving the area and proceeding to your gate.


Oct 01, 2012
TRAVEL TIP #4 - Carry Valuables in Hand Luggage

All valuables such as binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras, computers, memory sticks, phones, ipods and prescription medicines should be packed in your carry on luggage.  Do not risk the chance of them being stolen in your checked luggage.


Sep 01, 2012
TRAVEL TIP #3 - Copy Important Travel Documents

It’s always a good idea to make photocopies of important documents such as passports (photo/information page), airline itineraries and other reservations, credit cards (front & back), etc. prior to departing on an international trip.  You should keep these copies in a separate location from the original documents.  Another idea is to scan these and email to yourself where they could be downloaded wherever you have internet access to your email account.


Aug 01, 2012
TRAVEL TIP #2 - Place ID Inside Luggage

In addition to current contact information that should be attached to the outside of your checked luggage, I also suggest placing this information on the inside all of your bags as well.  Those luggage tags can easily be destroyed on the luggage conveyor belts or by baggage handlers.  It is best to secure this information to the inside of the bag so it can easily be found if the bag is opened.  You can print out your contact details, have the paper laminated and attach it via zip ties.


Jul 01, 2012
TRAVEL TIP #1 - Contact Credit Card Companies

Prior to departing on your next international trip, don’t forget to phone your credit card companies to notify them of your travel plans - dates, destinations and even airline routing as you may need your card in a foreign airport along the way.  This may help to avoid any frustrating charge denials when trying to make a purchase on your vacation. 

Most all credit card companies now have a foreign currency fee for international charges so this is also a good time to ask what percentage they charge on foreign transactions.


Aug 31, 2010
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