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Flight Planning

imageTravel Express specializes in providing all travel arrangements for your next adventure.  When determining whether or not to use a travel agent, there are several considerations to keep in mind.  Travel Express has access to numerous discounted consolidator/contract fares that are issued by the airlines to agencies that do a large volume of ticketing.  These “special” or discounted fares also have other benefits such as bookings can be held longer before ticketing than through other avenues.  Some of the rules of the fare may be less restrictive whereas a refundable ticket can be offered by paying a cancellation penalty rather than have an outstanding credit with the airline or taking the chance of losing your investment all together.  We can also see the airline space available and know if we are getting you the best price for your particular dates or recommend an alternative date to save you money.

In most cases, our services for international bookings won’t cost you more than doing it yourself and many times it will save you money.  You will also benefit from firsthand knowledge of someone that has been there and can walk you through the process and answer any questions that you might have.

TSA Requirements:

Beginning November 1, 2010, all passenger reservatons must include Secure Flight Passenger Data which consists of passenger full name exactly as it appears on ID used for travel (passport), date of birth and gender.



Scheduling Flights:

When planning the timing of flights for your trip you can figure two days each direction for travel if you are leaving from a U.S. gateway direct to Johannesburg and you don’t have a forced overnight on the way to your destination.  If travelling through Europe then you will most likely have two to three days going over due to the extended layover times in Europe and two days coming back.

Routes to Africa:

There are a number of ways to get from the U.S. to the Dark Continent with some being more direct than others.  Some airlines offer direct service from a U.S. gateway to Johannesburg with connections to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and East London available at no additional cost.  It is very easy and cost effective to add on the flight from your home location to the U.S. gateway and also any internal Africa flights.  Please keep in mind that if you are travelling with weapons there may be some routes that are best to avoid so make sure to do your homework or ask an expert for advice.